Lizama Videography



Richard Lizama is my all time favorite videographer.  He is easily one of the most likeable people I know, and he is exceptionally good at his job.  As expressed in my Wedding Professionals Page, it is very important to be informed when shopping around for wedding videographers.  There are different types of video companies that apply a variety of different shooting techniques.  I am not a fan of having a big production teams. In fact, I don’t like them.  They can be a distracting element at your wedding, that will not only pull away from the raw emotion of your day, but they tend to be in teams of 3 or more, and are just plain annoying.  Richard is not that kind of videographer. He is awesome, and works easily with photographers.  Not only that, but his videos are fantastic! Long story short, if you are in the market for a wedding videographer, search no more.  You have found the guy!  Please visit his website here for video examples, and information about his services.


Here is a snippet taken directly from his website:

The Point of View.

At the end of the day–it is not my goal to make you feel like you’re an actor on the set of a movie.

We travel lightly, and during filming you won’t feel overwhelmed by massive equipment, an entire film crew in your way, or lighting directly in your face for extended periods of time.

Your wedding day is timeless, and we will capture it in a way that you will still enjoy years from now.  To us that’s what really matters. We capture what we see–the way it happened.

We are respectful to all your guests and vendors. Having a good working relationship with your photographer is absolutely important to us. Cooperation and communication is key and we do it well!