Advanced Lighting

Advanced Lighting for Professionals

Are you an experienced photographer looking to elevate your flash photography skills? Look no further than this advanced lighting course. If you want to create stunning images like the examples shown, without struggling with your camera settings, this program is for you.

This course focuses on flash composite work and precision lighting in medium to low lighting environments. After years of perfecting this technique, I can now create dynamic images like these, anywhere and anytime.

The two-part course starts with conceptualizing an image, creating it in the field, and bringing it to life in post-processing. While there are many examples of flash composite work online, this course provides hands-on instruction for mastering the technique. It may seem overly complicated, but with step-by-step guidance, you’ll become a skilled strobe-friendly photographer.

By learning this valuable skill, you will stand out from the crowd of natural lighting photographers that seem to be everywhere.

To participate, you’ll need a digital SLR or mirrorless camera and a flash system that can be triggered remotely. For example, a basic kit with a 50mm/85mm lens, flash, and trigger will suffice. With just these tools and this course, you can take photos that are sure to impress.

Advanced Lighting for Photographers Course $2,000