Nailing the Exposure

nailing the exposure

Nailing the exposure – $300 (2 hours) 

Are your photos often under or overexposed even though you are applying the knowledge that you have learned?  Do you have a fundamental understanding of ISO, shutter, and aperture? If so, this course is for you.  Capturing the perfect exposure directly out of the camera is the sign of a great photographer.  Abandoning your old ideas of relying purely on post-production to achieve a signature look, is the key to harnessing your photography style.  The goal of Nailing the Exposure is to use precision and to create consistency with your images, all while using fully manual settings on your camera. Applying these techniques is how style is formulated and achieved.

Understanding how to master your exposure is crucial because the most challenging lighting situations often produce the most impressive photographs. The correct combination of light and shadow can create a dramatic photograph that conveys intensity and separation.  In this course, you will learn how to use your camera’s meter to achieve a specific look in your photos.  Your camera meter can be a wonderful tool to help you get the look and style that you want in your photography.  You will not rely on this tool exclusively, rather the end goal is to have your exposures come quickly and accurately.

Every photographer’s approach is different.  Whether your style is light and airy or rich and dramatic, I will show you how to achieve that look, each and every time you capture an image.

It is suggested that you have a good unerstanding of ISO, aperture, and shutter prior to taking this course. Additionally, knowing how to navigate your cameras manu and settings in a timely fashition will help you to learn these techniques quickly and effeciently.  It is required that you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera for this course.  No flash is required.