Gallery Albums


The Gallery Album is a luxury album, matching the quality and workmanship of the top brands in the industry.  Handcrafted in New York, these albums are top of the line.  I offer an extensive array of leather, silk and sparkling-clear acrylic cover options  and a wide assortment of liners. In addition to giving you complete customizability, Gallery Albums are built to last. Using only the finest materials available, from Acrylic Substrates to Masonite cover backing, Gallery Albums are guaranteed not to warp or lose their shape, even under the most extreme conditions. Order any size, from 4×5 books to large portfolio- or landscape-shaped 11×14 albums. Get a stunning album in a reasonable timeframe, with the great customer service you’ve come to expect from AJH Photography.

Expert construction ensures that every Gallery album will last for a lifetime and beyond. Your should expect nothing less.

Product Highlights

  • More options for customization
  • Cover materials include Leather, Brushed Metal, Silk, Linen and Photo Acrylic Cover
  • Square corners and ultra-smooth spine
  • Acrylic substrate protects pages from tearing or warping
  • Narrow-bind seam
  • True lay-flat pages
  • Available in Glossy, Matte & Metallic Paper (paper is coated to protect the prints)